The underdevelopment of a region is not only caused by one factor but by the confluence of a number of aspects in very different areas. These causes and consequences sometimes are mixed and it is necessary to approach all these problems in a parallel way. As Development NGOs, our job is to detect these deficiencies and work on their fundaments so that the sum of all these actions leads to a progressive development where the main figures are just the people involved.

One of the most important pillars of our job is the children and youth since they represent the future of any country.

Specifically, these are some of the thematic fields in which we are carrying out our projects.

Projects out of Spain:


Child education, paying special attention to "high-risk" children because of the uprooting of their families.

Improvement of the sanitary places.

Improvement of the salubriousness conditions where the concentration of population has increased in a disorderly way, because of the massive emigration from countryside to city.


Vocational training and qualification:
Vocational training with occupational focus, promoting every person's ability and working on their self-esteem.


Natural space preservation.

Environmental education.

Recycling culture.

Promotion of the ecotourism:

In its different forms (rural tourism, vivential tourism, adventure tourism, scientific tourism, therapeutic tourism, etc.).

Tourism promotion as a new fountain of resources.

Awareness of the residents about this new source of wealth.

Education to manage this new source of wealth correctly, so it can be long-term sustainable.

Paying special attention to children and women's needs.

Human Rights:

Projects in Spain:

Support to the immigrants residing in Spain:

Legal advice, job advice, etc.

Beginning of training programs focusing on job training.
Vocational training and qualification:
Cultural activities:

Enabling meeting centers for Peruvian and Spanish people.

Promotion of the Peruvian culture in our country.

Organization of artistic and cultural events, etc.