About us

Our NGO was founded in October 2003 and was registered with the Number 171628 in the National Register of Associations of the Ministerio del Interior, Madrid (Spain) in February 2004, with the name of TRABAJEMOS POR PERÚ. Later, because of the diffusion of our solidary projects in other countries, we have increased our competences to be able of working in the whole world and not only in Peru, wtih the name of TRABAJEMOS POR EL MUNDO since January 2007.

Our Board of Directors is formed by the founder members of the organisation:


M. Carmen Guerrero Muņoz
Luisa Muñoz Baena
M. Luisa Guerrero Muņoz

Working Areas :

All the members of this NGO work as volunteers, in order to invest all our gains in our solidary projects.

Coordination and management
Management, legal, fiscal and labour advice.
Administration, archive and economic management.
Administration and accountancy
Institutional Coordination
Relations with other organisations in order to establish collaborative agreements to carry out projects together.

Voluntary staff.

Collaborating staff: technicians of well-known competence in certain matters.

Grant holder staff investigator.

Honorary members: people of well-known reputation and skilled negotiators to collaborate with our solidarity campaigns.

Human Resources Management

Public and private (personal and from sponsorship contracts with companies).

On-line selling of solidary items of the NGO: books, video-games, works of art, etc.

New projects design.

Evaluation and monitoring of the projects that are already running in our associate NGOs.

Management of the Sponsor Child Programs recently started.

Project Management

Computer Area
Solution of computer problems, installation of different computer programs, virus cleaning, assistance to other organizations or companies, etc.

Design, updating and broadcasting of our website.

Newsletters design and management .

Design and printing of informative brochures.

Management of communications.

Management of awareness and information campaigns.

NGO work broadcasting in the media.

Communication Management

Services Rendered

Assistance service to other organisations (associations, NGOs, companies, etc.):

At the management level: Juridical, fiscal, administrative, accountable assistance, etc.

At the fundraising level: Search and administration of grands from all kind of organisms, etc.

At the computer level: Assistance and advice, Web-page design, On-line magazines design, spread of mailing, etc.

At the linguistic level: Translation of Web-pages and all kind of documents into several languages (Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian).