Agency for the translation of LEGAL DOCUMENTS AND PATENTS
to Spanish and Catalan from: English, French, Italian and Portuguese.





My name is Carmen Guerrero and I started in 2002 to provide personalized training in English, French, Spanish and Catalan for foreigners to students with academic, personal or work objectives.

During this period of time I have combined the teaching activity with the direct and inverse translation of the aforementioned languages.

My passion for languages ​​has led me to continue enriching my knowledge in Italian and Portuguese.

On the other hand, my academic training as a Law graduate led me to complete this field with a Postgraduate Mediation and conflict resolution.


Given my legal training and my linguistic experience, at a certain moment, work offers for the translation of diverse documents began to arrive. This made me rethink my whole labor landscape and create this Legal Translation Agency, where I can concentrate:

- On the one hand, training, experience and passion for a job well done
- and on the other, the full satisfaction of the customer who needs a specialized product.

So if you need a personalized translation where the contractual and legal spirit of the agreements between the parties is fully respected, you can not settle for an "industrial" translation of general contents.

need a specialized translation in Law!

So that your legal interests are not endangered when translated into Spanish from another language, write me, tell me about your project and ...

... we will work together!


- From 2002 to the present I have been alternating work in the public sector (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and private (companies) with teaching and translation between the mentioned languages.

- In this period I have also coordinated teams of new translators to make the versions in different languages ​​of webs of associations and NGOs at a voluntary level.

- From 1987 to 2002 I worked in international departments of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​writing documents in different languages ​​and serving users from different countries.


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